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Horizontal Breathing Air - HBA

Breathe Easy with MAKO Breathing
Air Systems.
  • Built in overtime timer set at 4 hours (adjustable)
  • Final separator counter warning and alarm functions
  • Full support of CMM warning and alarm functions
  • Full support of CO monitor alarm functions
  • Motor overload reset
  • UL listed panel


Up to 414 bar

9.9 - 56.4 m3/hr

Up to 6000 psig

5.8 - 33.2 cfm
165 - 940 l/min

The HBA open frame unit provides a lower cost breathing air system without sacrificing quality, flexibility or filling capacity.

  • Lightweight but rugged design
  • Components fully contained within frame
  • Belt and fan guard for added safety
  • Choice of electric, petrol / gasoline and diesel drive options
  • Optional wheels on smaller units for portability

Flexible Filling Options
Whatever your filling requirements, MAKO has the solution for you.
A. Integrated Filling Panels

The HBA range can be fitted with an integrated filling panel for quick and
easy charging up to 350 bar / 5000 psi
Filling Panel Options:

  • 2, 4 or 6 filling hoses
  • Single or dual pressure
Mako HBA Technical Information

Charging Connectors
The MAKO range provides a variety of connectors for cylinder filling, including:
CGA 347 • CGA 346 • SCUBA Yoke / A Clamp • 200 bar / 2900 psi DIN